The Bougie Goose is Lafayette’s New Cheese Enthusiast

The Bougie Goose is Lafayette’s New Cheese Enthusiast

It was born out of my obsession with cheese, which started after a few special gatherings with one common element: A cheese plate.


Why Should Cheese and Wine be Snobby?
Cheese is for everyone, after all it started as food for peasants, not the high class society!

Let’s discover the world of cheese together!  There is no reason to be intimidated by all the wonderful and delicious choices. The only way to know is to taste!  Let’s graduate from the shrink-wrapped cheese in the dairy section of the grocery store and explore what’s out there. Trust me, there are so many different types of cheeses from all parts of the world that you really need to try.

I offer an environment where you can taste, ask questions and experiment with flavors. Learn how cheese is made, where it’s made and most importantly, learn what kind of cheese you like.

Explore and experience a range of cheeses from a balanced selection of styles, milk types and flavor profiles.

Cheese Tasting Parties are fun, memorable & delicious and an a great way to tantalize and tempt your taste buds.

Classes coming soon!